fsmg - St Mary's Church

The Friends of St Mary’s Church is a registered charity which has been supporting St Mary's Church in a variety of ways since 1985.


2014-19 Projects


2016 Repairs to clock striking mechanism: £1,872

2015 Maintenance of Insectocutors: £179

Replacement bell ropes: £1,440

Repairs to pitched roof (storm damage): £693

2014 Payment for upgrading lightning protection: £903

        Payment of annual clock maintenance: £246

        Contribution towards new sound system: £8,000

2013 Payment for work required by quinquennial inspection: £15,989

2011 Repairs to church clock: £471

2010 Contribution towards ‘Building for the Future’: £27,000  

2009  ‘Insectocutors to contain damage by insects to church fabric: £1,575

        Text boards refurbished: £500

        Replacement carpet cleaner and cleaning tools: £166

2008 Contribution towards buildings maintenance and repair work as required  by  quinquennial inspection: £3,442

        CCTV installation: £2,644

        Repair of bells: £689

2006 Contribution towards refurbishment of the bells: £3,645  

2003 New sound system: £4,000

2003 Refurbishment of stained glass window: £9,000

2002 Repainting of clock and repairs to front window: £3,500

2001 Donation towards new viewing platform for church tower: £3,000  

2000 Upgrading electrical switchgear and rewiring: £4,300

1998 New internal west doors and tower roof repair: £7,000

1997 Vestry roof repair and new pew cushions: £7,100

1995 Three new gates to churchyard and new church carpeting: £3,500

1993 New curtains to vestry and bell chamber, new bell ropes: £1,350

1992 Interior stone and woodwork repairs: £1,750

1991 Electrification of the church clock winding mechanism: £3,100

1989 Improvements to path on south side of church  

1989 Removal of two front pews and laying of floor tiles: £2,500  

1988 New lighting in the north and south aisles, also in the church porch:         £4,200